Vegan Cookbooks You Should Definitely Check Out

As Australia finally starts to open up, holiday season is coming and dinner plans are pilling up!

But don't worry, we've got your back. Here are 4 vegan bookbooks you should definitely check out so you can level up your 
cooking skills to impress all your guests this summer!

But for those of you who cooking isn't your best department, this is also a good idea to gift your vegan OR non-vegan friends
something fun for up-coming gift-giving season. 


For those who just started cooking vegan, this one is a great book to check out. 
Isa Mosknowitz explores the recipes that are simple and easy for you to follow
The book even covers the simple techniques for you to cook some vegan essentials like cashew cheese or ways you can cook your mushrooms!

Definitely a great cookbook to have at home, just in case you run our of ideas for yummy vegan dishes.


Now that most people will be back in the office, prepping for lunch dishes can be a drainer. 
This cookbook will help you plan our your lunch for the week and not ever having to worry about being sicl of having
the same dish every day. 


We all love our little pleasure of takeaway food but to have it delicious, healthy, and vegan can be something difficult.
Katy Beskow shares 70 recipes that are easy to follow and quick to make. 


3. Jackfruit & Blue Ginger 

Sasha Gill, originally from Singapore, explores Asian vegan variety of recipes from tofu Pad Thai to Pecking Jackfruit.
The book packs a punch of good Asian dishes that taste almost the same as original/authentic recipes. 


4. Vegan One Pound Meals

Who says vegan dishes have to be expensive and boring? Miguel Barclay shares a fun journey
of cooking vegan meals for under $2 !! (or 1 pound) 

Shocking, but possible