The Fashion Resolutions You Should be Making This Year

There’s no denying that Twenty Twenty unfolded a little differently to what we had expected. A year filled with uncertainty has naturally forced us to evaluate what is important in our lives. From relationships, to the environment and of course our own individual habits, one thing has become certain; the need to become a conscious consumer is more important than ever. Instead of making a resolution this year that we all know will be broken by the end of the month, why not implement these small, achievable consumer goals that you can action straight away.

Think before you buy

With social media really taking off over the last decade, it has become the new normal to be constantly bombarded with shiny ‘need now’ products. One rule of thumb before purchasing a new item is to sleep on it. If you’re still thinking about it in the morning and can picture the different items it will be pair well with in your wardrobe, then you have the all clear to add it to your cart.

Always Opt For Recycled Packaging –

The amount of plastic and cardboard waste that comes from packaging used within the fashion industry is a problem we are unable to ingore. These products end up in landfill and can take centuries to break down. Thankfully there’s many forward thinking fashion labels now that offer recyclable postage options and ensure their products are wrapped in recycled, compostable or repurposed packaging. Always opt for this if it is available.

Repair, Instead of Throwing Away –

Material goods and fashion have become so accessible, that we often forget how much money, fabrics and time has gone into creating something. The next time a button falls off of our favourite jacket, a seam comes undone or the lining of your favourite shoes lifts a little, attempt to repair it. Instead of sending it straight to trash, which we are all a little guilty of, fixing something means that we are giving the item new life and we no longer have to spend money or waste precious resources on something new. A little tip from us when it comes to shoe repairs; Araldite adhesive glue is great for little fixes or make friends with your local cobbler.


Sell or Donate –

This one is a no brainer, but it very easy to let the unworn clothes pile up and end up in the trash when something big like a move comes along and you simply do not have the time to sort through it. At the end of each season, do a wardrobe cull and truly evaluate the items you use and need in your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something for six or so months, then sorry, but it’s time to add said item to your sell list. There are lots of user-friendly, second-hand clothing platforms such Depop, Asos Marketplace, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace etc that make selling your pre-loved items a breeze.