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  1. Building a Sustainable Outfit - part 1

    Building A SUstainable Out fit Part 1 heading

    Ethics, sustainabilty and the economy are on everyone’s minds, now more so than ever, with the pandemic wreaking havoc across the world. Shopping local is one way to hit all these values at once.

    Shopping local helps to bolster the economy by keeping jobs and money in your local community. And by either having head offices or the complete manufacturing done locally you know that emplyees are being paid fair wages and working in safe conditions. When produced here it also minimises the carbon footprint of each item by reducing the miles the items travel to get to you.   

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  2. 5 Essentials for Summer

    5 Essentials for Summer

    Whether or not, you’re like us and you’re new to minimalist dressing; you’ve spent your Winter in iso on a total rampage through your closet, hell bent on creating a capsule wardrobe. Only to realise that none of your Summer items spark joy, or you’re already on the minimalist style train and your annual audit has revealed a few gaps. I’ve learned on my journey sifting through the Minimalist minds of others who have generously documented all their best tips for Summer dressing, that for a stylish but effortless, summer wardrobe, there a few staple items that are a must.

    1. Summer Dress

    Find the cut that works for you and then get one in every colour (sorry, my maximalist tendencies taking over again). Cottons and linens look expensive without breaking the bank and make an impact with cut-outs that show a little skin, statement button detailing and even a pr

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